Meet your Sensei

Mission Statement – In this age of ‘sport for all’ ; my mission is to facilitate life-long learning opportunities for the local community; specifically through Shodokan Aikido. Keeping mind and body healthy through the practice of ‘kata’ and ‘randori’. Tailoring these two elements to the age and physical ability of all participants.

Marlon Hoating
4th Degree Black Belt (Japan Aikido Association)
Aikido Coach (British Aikido Board)
Level 3 Advanced Fitness Instructor (UK Register of Exercise Professionals)
Personal Trainer (YMCA Fitness Industry Training)
UK Shodokan Aikido Squad,Osaka 2001
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Time in Japan
Osaka 2001, 2006, 2009, 2010, 2012
Summer training at Shodokan Hombu

Tokyo 2010
Visiting various dojo’s in and around Tokyo

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