Here what our members say about Central London Shodokan Aikido club:

“I started Aikido in Jan 2010 and have been training every week (except for a few holidays) ever since. Aikido fits into my life quite well and has definitely improved my fitness, mental focus and Ukemi (safely falling over).”

-Rich, Feb 2011

“I chose to train at CLSA as the group was very friendly and welcoming, but with an appropriately disciplined feel. There were many opportunities to experience more advanced techniques and skills including the use of Bokken and Jo. In the summer we even had training out in the parks which was great. Also the Shodokan style encourages more realistic practice helping to cement what has been learnt.”

Seb PW March 2011

Aikido is good for mind and body fitness, you know you have exercised both at the end of a class, and for self confidence on the street, giving a degree of ability to defend oneself using a skill that is defensive and not offensive. It is also a connection to the past and the way of the samurai

P. Edwards March 2011

‘apart from having fun and meeting other children, since she started Aikido nearly 4 years ago, my daughter has gained discipline, focus, routine and of course Aikido skills’
thanks for teaching her

A’s Mom March 2011

At CLSA I was able to practice aikido with an instructor who regularly refreshes the syllabus with the current teachings at Honbu, Japan, so you can train at the international standard without ever leaving home! Excellent tuition siphoned from the original syllabus in a fantastic location!

J L (Osaka Japan March 2011)