Deciding on starting any new activity can be daughnting but here’s a bit of info that should help your decision.

Central London Shodokan is a club of young professionals, uni students, male and female. We like socializing, travel, fitness and definitelty Shodokan Aikido. Our group also includes a well-established juniors group who train in their own time-tabled class. Most of us train once or twice a week in either the basic or advanced class. Working in around Central London, we exercise after work instead of travelling during rush-hour!

Basic classes can be done by anyone, the content is usually focused around the Shodokan Aikido foundation exercises, ‘kata’ (structured exercise to introduce aikido skills). You will be allowed to go at your own pace and the senior grades will be there to guide you.

Advanced classes require some practice and an understanding of most of the basics, consider them as something to aim for.

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