Aikido for Adults


CLSA Mission Statement- In this age of ‘sport for all’; our mission is to facilitate life-long learning opportunities for our local community; specifically through Shodokan Aikido. Keeping mind and body healthy through the practice of ‘kata’ and ‘randori’, Tailoring these two elements to the age and physical ability of all participants.

Kata: structured practice, set forms and postures

Randori: free practice, opportunities to practice realistic techniques in a structured and safe environment.

Teaching (Our methods)

Intrinsic motivation: people don’t feel preasured or in danger, instead they are encouraged to take ownership of their own learning, self-evaluation and self-correction are the dominant approaches to learning.

Constructivist teaching: people are the constructors of their own knowledge, we support their learning positively.

The point which a student has met or exceeded the objectives of a given task.
The ability to show achievement; use knowledge or skills in a particular way.
The ability to perform specific, essential tasks that students are expected to accomplish in a given grade level or course.

Personal Mastery
The discipline of continually clarifying and deepening an individual’s personal knowledge, focusing energies, developing patience and trying to see training realistically/ objectively in order to continue life-long practice and achievement of the individual’s aspirations.