Beginners Aikido in London

We offer Basics classes 4 times a week direct from the Shodokan Hombu syllabus (Osaka, Japan).

These classes have a standard warm-up which you will get to grips with after a couple of weeks. These basic exercises and methods of practice form the corner-stone of your training.  We then practice a variety of techniques, set on a sound educational system of ‘Self-Defence’ techniques.

We do not teach ‘fighting’; Shodokan Aikido has two important halves that together add up to our whole method of training.

Kata: set forms and postures, teaching you the techniques practiced in Shodokan Aikido.

Randori: free practice or applications of the techniques learnt in kata training. This is where the elements of realistic application are practiced in a safe and effective environment!

Adult Basics Classes 6-7:30pm Monday and Wednesday, 4-5:30pm Saturdays.
Junior Classes: Thursday 5:45-6:45pm and Saturday 10:30am – 12 noon.