Our trip to Osaka 2012 – Part 1

We flew from Heathrow to Paris (40 mins). Then Paris to Osaka (11.5 hours). The main flight was good. Lots of films and “refreshments”.

clsa flight to osaka 300x223 Our trip to Osaka 2012 Part 1

When we arrived in Osaka we looked into getting a taxi to Tennoji but it was a very expensive (£400 for the 4 of us). We decided to take the train which was pretty quick. It cost 1000 yen (£8 / £9) and took about 45 minutes to get to Tennoji.

Matt and I are staying in the Tennoji Miyako hotel which is just over the road from the train station and only a 15 minute walk to Shodokan Hombu.

The jetlag hit us a little but made worse because we didn’t sleep on the plane.

If you don’t have any yen with you when you arrive you can get some from the 711 just around the corner.

Next post on it’s way soon…