Angry White Pyjama

bbelt 199x300 Angry White PyjamaI teach Shodokan Aikido, a Martial Art. One of the many types of Martial Arts around, from kicking and punching styles to grappling on the floor they exist. I’m also aware that the reasons people come to training are as varied as the number of people on the mat at any time. So I’m open to different interpretations of Martial Arts as a whole. I’m also big on health promotion, exercise, activity, social interaction for mental well-being etc.

Lately, my group has been growing. Growing in confidence, ability and that ever so intangible feeling of being part of a group. As such we’ve been moving around, visiting other clubs, groups etc. What they’ve found has somewhat put them off from training too far from home (home style). Needless to say some group dynamics don’t work for everyone. Having to know Japanese to follow the class, being physically fit enough to take part in all elements of training, it’s difficult especially in these modern times.

Now I have to apologize here; I spoil my group. I teach in Japanese, I make them do exercise, I make them sweat to the point of needing water breaks during class. We train as close as possible to the home system we study under. So when we go elsewhere and the level of activity is low, the practitioners can’t do all of what is asked of the tutor in charge. It’s difficult! Our expectations are different.

What I have to ask my students is this: Train with everyone possible to the point where you are not damaging yourself. We do but one style of Martial Art and the most modern of our type. Sorry no traditionalism here, we continually progress. Be open minded, but keep your own identity. We can always iron out the differences back at the dojo!