Positive Change

success Positive ChangeSensei, I don’t know this technique. I can’t do it! How come she can do it and I can’t. I’m no good. Why must I do that, I don’t want to. It’s his fault I didn’t learn. Is anyone saying these phrases ready to change?

Acquiring a new skill is like changing a bad habit. We have to get pass the ‘I’ factor. As in I’m not ready to change. Look at your Stages of Change model; people must be ready for change. We can’t force it on them.

A parent that was bullied as a child about their weight will have difficulty when the topic of weight is brought up about their own child. Think about how racism is passed on, in some schools of thought it is listed as a mental illness, but through fear and the inability to get over this fear, racism continues to exist.

Identify what you must change. Accept that you are changing for the better. Accept that it will take time. Accept that you are not a bad person by needing to change a bad habit. Accept help from others, sometimes we can’t do it alone.

So the next time you feel the fear of falling in class; Identify that this is a bad habit, accept that you can change it, accept that you are not a bad person by failing the first time. Persevere and try and try again until you succeed in being the best ‘try’-er. Later on you will look back and see that you will be the best ‘do’-er!