Going with the flow in Shodokan Aikido

059 150x150 Going with the flow in Shodokan AikidoAs a young shodokan aikido kyu grade I remember a senior dan grade Sean Muhareem (Tanseikan Canada) saying ‘go with the flow, just go with it’, in his broad cockney accent! Often I recall this as one of my the penny has finally dropped moments. When I realized how to learn well.

The concept of non-resistance has always existed in martial arts, win by better knowledge, skills, resources, knowing the lay of the land etc., for those of you who know your Sun Tzu. Luckily for us we can look back in history to see what happens when these concepts aren’t taken on board, does anyone remember The Charge of the Light Brigade! Don’t make the same mistake.

Being flexible in your posture, movement, mental attitude and thoughts can help you adapt and seize opportunities. yielding to an attack isn’t cowardly, we can use it to our advantage. If someone stronger than you pushes you will be pushed back, staying balanced when you absorb their push gives you opportunities. Don’t charge in against insurmountable odds like the 600 *the charge of the light brigade!

The mental state of fighting should not exist in training! When you are training, train, don’t fight! It takes thousands of repetitions to perfect a skill and even then we still have to practice it to keep it. We aren’t training to fight our training partners, unless you are both entering the next shodokan aikido international event. It’s going to take time, 10,000 times!

The Principle of Non-Resistance (excerpt from Aikido Randori by  Tetsuro Nariyama)

“This if from a defensive viewpoint of a flexible body not opposing force directly with force. Rendering an attack ineffective or reducing its effect by quick, controlled footwork and body movement.”