Aikido Personal Training in London

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Central London Shodokan offers private tuition in the Shodokan Aikido syllabus, Randori and Self-defense.

We can put together a package that suits you as an individual or an organized group. Dealing with a specific Self-defense scenario, conquering a new training hurdle or getting ready for your next grade. We can guide you through at your own pace with a program designed to achieve your goals. (Past events: Safety and Awareness Program eBay inc., SOAS Women’s Self-defense, SOAS Well-being week, Central YMCA Self-defense course)


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4th Degree Black Belt
Aikido Coach
C&G Further Education Teacher
Level 3 Advanced Fitness Instructor
Personal Trainer
Sports Conditioning Instructor

Availability & Costs

  • Dojo based training Thursday and Friday post 6pm.
  • On site, can be arranged to your timetable.
  • Prices vary from dojo to site visits, please use the form below to contact us for a quote.


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“Marlon is an excellent coach and knows the ups and downs of the journey to achieving your goal; both in terms of challenges to your mindset and physical state. Through a series of one to one lessons Marlon helped me to overcome a number of issues that stood in the way of my recent grading in Aikido, which included an injury and subsequent time away from the sport itself. Marlon was patient, intuitive and highly engaging in his approach and had some nice mental insights which are so hard to see when you are focused on the goal. So if your based in central London and wish to pursue Aikido then I highly recommend Marlon as your first step into the world of Aiki well being.” Personal Training Client

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