Here’s a list of frequently asked questions here at CLSA.

Is Aikido like all other martial arts, will I learn to punch and kick?
Aikido is amongst the schools of grappling martial arts. We do not aim to train ground fighting techniques like MMA or Judo. The skills trained relate to defense against a standing aggressor as they approach, with or without a weapon (we train both).

Is Aikido training dangerous?
Aikido is a martial art and has no higher risk than Judo or Karate. We reduce the possibility of injury by having structured practice relevant to the fitness/ skill level of each participant. Students are encouraged to practice safety first and correct technique.

Is there an age restriction?
We have members from 8 to 50, training within their own physical abilities. Realistically we must be able participate in a manner that does not put us at risk, this is relevant to each individual.

How often should I train?
Quick progress requires regular training.  We have three weekly basic and three advanced sessions that are available depending on your individual time and commitment level.

How long will it take to get my black belt (Shodan)?
Central London Shodokan holds regular gradings every three months; it really depends on your individual time commitments and progress – 3-4 years has been done within our club.

How much does it cost?
Adult classes operate on a monthly standing order payment fee of £60 per month, plus an annual membership & insurance fee of £30. Juniors and Uni students fees differ depending on venue; please contact us for details.

When are the classes?
Adult Basic classes are Monday. Wednesday 6-7:45pm and Saturday 4-5:30pm.
Junior classes are Tuesday/Thursday 5:45-6:45pm & Saturday 10:30-12 noon.